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 Introducing JTech Credits  

After spending some time at JTech Website, you'll notice that you've got something called 'JTC' (or JTech Credits) under your name, or Profile Section. You'll also see that your credits will increase or decrease. 
But you don't understand how it works, so read this thread till the end and you will know what JTC or JTech Credits are and ways to get them.

How to get JTech Credits :-
  1. Posting a thread,review, reply or comments
  2. When your post (thread, reply or review received a like from other users)
  3. By participating in JTech Online Contests
  4. When you post excellent and quality threads, JTech Administrators will credits you (1-100) JTC.
How much JTC will I get:-
JTC Deduction :-

When your post (thread, reply or review) is disliked by someone you will get -1 JTC (minus 1 JTC). When you post irrelevant posts, other users can dislike your post and rate you minus 1. However if you delete that irrelevant post of yoours, you will earn again the credits. For example, yoou have 500 JTC, 10 users dislike your post, so now you have 490 JTC. When you delete that post, your credit will be 500 JTC again.

However, when you post good, quality, excellent posts and other users simply dislike it without any reason, then you can complaint to JTech Web Administrator by mailing to mentioning the thread name, reply number or comment number or Review model (For example you are reviewing Redmi Note 4, mention Redmi Note 4 as your model name). JTech will analyse and check, and will deal with it. 

JTech Web Team can also deduce your JTC when your actions are against the JTech Forum Rules.
What's the use of JTC Credits?
JTC Credits is kind of a symbol of your activeness in the forum. More credits means you're more active.

Your user group will escalate if you get more credits, and you'll get more permissions on the forum.

There are Users Groups which is determined by JTC Credits. For example, if you have 100- 120 JTC, your user group will be Junior Member with limited accessing rights. 121 - 150, your user group will be Senior Member with more accessing rights compared to Junior members,etc (You can learn more about User Groups & Permission here)